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    2. Furniture Customisation Options

    There is no variation in terms of materials, design, dimensions and functions. Yet, many importers of home products, including furniture, make the assumption that this is how OEM manufacturers in China, also operates.


    OEM manufacturers operate according to a ‘make to order’ principle. While they may have “catalog products”, these are mere references, at best. 


    What this means for you, is that you must provide the supplier with a spec sheet – even if the product is based on a factory design. 


    There is no uniform Furniture spec sheet template that can be used. However, below follows a few examples of what you must include in your specification sheet:

    • Wood Quality (i.e., German Beech Wood)

    • Fabric Specifications (i.e., PU Coated Polyester, 550 gsm)

    • Metal Parts (i.e., 316L Stainless Steel)

    • Foam (i.e., High Density Fire Retardant Foam Rubber)