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    5. Shipping & Logistics

    Furniture is heavy, and can easily break under the weight of stacked units. Many manufacturers understand this, while others routinely fail to apply common sense when packing furniture. As such, I suggest that you request packing, as following:


    • Outer Cartons with plastic wrapping (to prevent mold)

    • Pallets (for easy unloading

    As furniture is not only heavy, but also taking up quite a bit of space, most buyers in this segment base their imported volumes on a container basis, rather than a unit bases. Hence, request your supplier to quote a volume based on an FCL 20’’ or 40’’ HQ container, and let them specify the number of units that can be loaded in each.


    Shipping logistics management can be automated to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  Typically, automation of shipping logistics management also includes automation of warehouses.


    Examples of warehouse automation include automated cranes, automated conveyors, sorting systems, and robots.  The application of bar codes or tags is a type of automation for logistics management too as it uses different types of software to control warehousing.