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    Choose the appropriate file cabinet for your home or business is the key to creating an effective method for organization and storage. Filing cabinets, including a 2-drawer lateral file cabinet, make it easy to access files, documents and other possessions in a way that works for you – without all the fuss. Creating a filing system can seem like a laborious task at first, but choosing a file cabinet that fits your work space and style can save you time, allow you to easily find valuable records in a timely fashion and keep an overall tidy, clutter-free work environment.

    Types of File Cabinets

    Filing cabinets come in a variety of designs and color finishes to suit many styles and functions. Large offices may require commercial-grade materials to withstand the rigors of a busy office, while smaller spaces can motivate you to get creative and select more versatile pieces designed with both your professional and personal interests in mind. The possibilities are nearly endless.

    Select from casual or commercial, business or home office styles and narrow your preferences by choosing from a variety of options for any decor. Be certain to consider these features and important details when deciding on a filing cabinet: number of drawers, open or locking, letter or legal-size, ball-bearing drawer suspension, high-drawer sides, support rails, rolling casters and heavy weight capacity.

    Why Use Vertical File Cabinets

    Vertical file cabinets are an easy way to maximize office storage space and organize important documents and files. A vertical file cabinet is a great space-saving solution for small or cluttered spaces. Even in large, industrial areas, space always comes at a premium. One important benefit of vertical file cabinets is that files are stored upward and out of the way, providing much needed storage while also helping to maximize limited floor space.


    Why Use Lateral File Cabinets?

    Lateral file cabinets are also a great option for document storage. Multiple drawers give you space to hang file folders and keep office supplies stored away neatly by category and size. There is no overestimating how much space in the office or at home you’ll save by taking advantage of these features. Most of these lateral file cabinets are fit to handle letter, legal and A-4 files sizes. You won’t need to worry about jams, either, since most come equipped with heavy-duty suspension featuring a three-piece design and ball bearing glides to ensure smoother opening and closing action.


    Why Choose Wood File Cabinets?

    Wood file cabinets can fit in perfectly at your home or workplace, regardless of the décor. Not only do wooden 2-drawer filing cabinets look great, they come with a number of accessories and features, including cord management to reduce clutter from tangled wires. Many also come equipped with easy-glide drawers and pullouts to allow for easy accessibility and have antique metal pulls that accent panel framed construction for an elegant look.


    What Makes Fireproof File Cabinets Different?

    Fireproof File Cabinets have UL-classified ratings that protect your belongings against fire damage and extreme heat for up to an hour at temperatures upward of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If that’s not enough, these fireproof file cabinets are built to withstand falls from as high as 30 feet with no damage to their structural integrity.

    Mobile Storage

    In some offices where many moving parts and a fast paced culture are the norm, the ability to incorporate mobile storage is often extremely important and often overlooked. In terms of saving time, the use of a rolling multi-drawer file cabinet can make a significant difference. When moving a large number of files from room to room or office to office, a rolling cabinet makes the transport of files more convenient. More time for employees means more productivity. It also significantly reduces physical stress and the wheels are small and inconspicuous so these cabinets can fit in any room or workplace, regardless of the style or decoration.