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    What is An Executive Office Chair?


    The executive office chair is typically preferred in cabins of upper management and waiting rooms of senior management in most of the corporate offices.



    It’s paramount to have the RIGHT executive chair that reflects the professional image of the room and blends well with the existing office furniture. At the same time, not to forget the factor of comfort when it comes to choosing the chair.


    Usually, leather and fine wood are used for making executive office chairs. Many of these chairs are designed considering the ergonomic aspects so that it helps to reduce the pains that are the result of sitting for extended periods of time. By leveraging the adjustment controls, you will be easily able to adjust the chair according to your body type and various office conditions.


    Executive chairs are bit expensive when compared to regular office chairs. That’s because executive chairs are made up of finer materials rather than relying upon plastic frames and cloth covered cushion wrappings.


    In fact, lots of furniture outlets allow you to customize the executive chair according to your convenience.


    Executive chairs provide you great comfort because of their ergonomic design. They come with the padded seat, adjustment controls for seat height, arm rests and support for the lumbar area.


    There are executive office chairs for every body type.


    There are chairs for big and tall people. If chosen carefully, an executive office chair can offer you great comfort and soothing experience without compromising on decor or professional looks.



    How To Choose the Best Executive Office Chair?


    • Adjustable Controls: Check whether the chair has adjustable controls for seat height adjustment and tilt tension control.

    • Material: Whether the chair is made up of fine leather? Verify the material used in the chair.

    • Base: What kind of base the chair has? Is it wood based or leather wrapped base?

    • Weight Capacity: What is the maximum weight the executive chair can hold? More, the better. However, the chair should at least support weight up to 200 pounds.


    Hope above article is useful for you and serves as a quick guide for locating your favorite executive office chair.