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    Below are the attributes that a customer should look into when it comes to purchasing their chic yet comfortable couch.


    The best part of choosing your living room furniture is that you have many colors to choose from. It should depend on the colors of other fixtures found in your living room. The color of your sofa sets the mood of your overall living room design, so it is very important to select the best color that will fit your personality and lifestyle.



    Apart from color, you should also check the fabric used in the sofa. Sometimes, we are so amazed on the appearance of our furniture that we tend to overlook the quality of materials that makes up the whole framework of the sofa. We have variety of choices like rubber, silk, velvet, etc. The strength of the fabric matters. It should be sturdy enough to resist unwanted scratches.


    A great sofa should not only look gorgeous, it should be really comfortable. After all, it should be our perfect means of relieving stress so a nice well-built cushion is a must.



    Of course, we do not like to buy a sofa that could take up much space in our living rooms. It should not overwhelm all other furniture in our home. Therefore, we should pick the best size that is applicable to the space of our living area.


    There are others that can turn into sofa beds. Meaning to say, they are not just used for seating function but also a place where we or our visitors can take a nap or spend the rest of the evening. Moreover, our sofa should match our room’s interior. It should also provide a nice back and arm rest that is ideal for unwinding and relaxation.



    If you really want to attain the best products and services, you should check first the quality of that product. When it comes to purchasing living room furniture, we should invest on things that can give us the best experience and comfort. Use this helpful guide in selecting the best sofa for your cozy living room experience!

     If you still want to know more specific, please continue to read.

    1. Do your research

    Most retailers have an online presence now and it is much quicker, and potentially cheaper, to browse and buy online. At the same time, it helps enormously to sit on the sofa you are going to live with, so a trip to the shop is a good idea.


    However, you can use websites to create your own shortlist and get an idea of the styles different suppliers will stock. You can also play around online with fabric options and see what your chosen sofa will look like when it has been upholstered, before making any commitments to buy.

    2. Measure up

    Pay attention to the product descriptions and especially the measurements. Looks alone will not ensure that your chosen sofa will fit through your front door, down the hall or up the stairs, so be prepared and do a little research.

    The diagonal depth – from the back of the frame to the front of the arm – is a crucial measurement that is often overlooked. This measurement dictates the minimum space required for turning. It will save you hassle, money and a lot of disappointment if you measure the spaces and turning circles accurately before you purchase your sofa.


    3. Plan your room

    When you are planning your room – or adding a new sofa – always allow a minimum of 50cm of space around every large piece of furniture. That will give you room to move around the space and your furniture won’t look cluttered or crammed in.

    Get an A4 piece of squared paper and draw out your room using one cm2 to represent one m2. Then you can cut out a rough representation of your furniture and plot them on your floorplan to get an idea of the available room. You don’t want to block any doors or windows, so keep in mind their opening angles too.

    Of course, things always look different once the furniture is in situ, but it will give you a good idea of what will work and what won’t.


    4. Consider the space

    If your space is small or awkward, it may be worth considering a modular style with parts that can be delivered separately and assembled in the room. Some models are also available with split frames or removable arms, legs and cushions, making is easier for you to move them in small spaces.

    5. Ask for advice

    Always ask showroom or store teams for the options before placing your order. Made-to order sofas are expensive and once production is underway or completed, stores are unlikely to make a refund if you have measured your space wrong. Expert advice is available in store, so make sure you ask if you have any queries or doubts. You might find some details you overlooked.