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    Natural Lighting

    Natural lighting will open up a room and provide you with a much bigger office feel. The natural light will help boost productivity as well.Once everything is in place, you will be able to enjoy a small office that has the look and the feel of a large office in a big city.

    If you have a small office and you yearn for a larger one, you can make small changes to your current space to make your office seem larger. If you have a huge desk in your office, that is the first thing that needs to go. Remember, large objects on the wall create an illusion that the room is bigger than what it is.
    Clean up your clutter and downsize where you can.

    Remember the Room Is Small

    One of the biggest mistakes people make is they want their office to look bigger, so they buy bigger furniture. To begin making the space look bigger, purchase smaller furniture. You can use furniture that serves multiple functions as well to eat up less space in your room.Doing this actually makes the room look even smaller than it is and you are cluttered at the same time.

    Consider Something Built-In

    If you are short on space, consider having a piece of furniture or equipment built into your office wall. The space you save will provide you with extra room to use for other purposes. When you have an item built into the wall, you can close the item and make the room look bigger.

    Choose the Right Color

    Color directly affects the size of your room and plays an important role. If your room is small, you do not want to choose colors that make the room look washed out or any smaller than it already is.
    Light colors will brighten your office space and distribute color evenly throughout the area to make your office appear larger.

    Add Shelving Space

    If you want your office to look larger, you should add shelves to the wall to allow you to store more things off of the floor. The shelving units will also draw attention away from your desk if it is full of paperwork and files.

    Add a New Mirror

    Mirrors that reflect other walls create an illusion to make it seem like your office is much larger than it is.If your walls are bare, shelving adds dimension, but you also need to draw attention as well. Mirrors draw a client into the wall and the larger the mirror, the bigger the room appears to be.

    Remove Clutter

    Although it will be easy to collect things in your office, especially since the space is small, don’t. If you already have too much in your office, get it out. Less is best. When you have too much stuff throughout your office, the space seems smaller and it will appear as the room is closing in.