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    Last article is about the importance of the Feng Shui to the desk and the basic charateristics about the Feng Shui on the desk. That was the inner factor of the desk, now , this new article will introduce the outer factor of the desk has impact on the Feng Shui.

    Placement of Your Desk
    The placement of your desk is very important for good feng shui.
    The least beneficial desk placements for are:
    •    Facing the wall
    •    Facing the window
    •    Directly in line with the door
    •    With your back to the door.
    The most beneficial desk placement is in the so-called feng shui commanding position. This is when you can see the door to your office, are not in line with the door and have a solid wall behind you.
    Another criteria for a good desk placement in feng shui is according to your lucky feng shui directions. Basically, this means having your desk face one of your lucky directions (there are 4 of them for each person).
    Of course, if this places your desk in the least feng shui beneficial position, such as facing a window or with your back to the door, then it is not worth it.
    The Surface of Your Desk
    It goes without saying that a constantly cluttered desk is really bad feng shui. Of course, it all depends on your definition of clutter! If you are working intensely on a project that is due soon, then it is certainly okay to have your desk busy for a while.
    For a while does not mean forever though. Once the project is done, the desk has to be cleared. Having old, unnecessary items occupying your space is really bad feng shui.
    Ideally, the desk is cleaned at the end of each work day. Not only is this good feng shui, it is plain common sense, too

    desk for office.jpg

    Add Your Own Source of Light 

    No matter your work in a comfortable home office or in a cubicle, for good desk feng shui—and for your own well-being—it is important to have your own source of light.
    For best feng shui, it is recommended to place your chosen light fixture to your upper left, which is the wealth feng shui bagua area of your desk.

    desk furniture (2).jpg

    Define Your Needs: The Less, the Better!
    It is important to clearly define your needs and place only the very minimum on your desk surface. Do you really need to place so many folders on your desk? Can they be placed somewhere else with easy access? Do you really need to place on your desk all the pens and pencils you own?
    The list of questions can go on and on depending on your line of work. It is important to keep in mind that when it comes to a good feng shui desk, less is definitely ideal.
    Feng Shui and Bagua Magic for Your Desk
    If you are new to feng shui, it might be helpful to know about the powerful bagua, also called the feng shui energy map, that is applied to various spaces in order to create good feng shui.
    There are two ways to define the bagua, and quite a bit of learning involved in using it for good feng shui in your home or office.
    Here are several areas of your desk that are good to strengthen and pay attention to.
    •    Upper Left - Wealth and Money area
    •    Upper Right - Love and Marriage area
    •    Mid Left - Health and Family area
    •    Mid Right - Creativity area
    You can use the typical feng shui cures for each specific area, or come up with your own creative solutions. For example, we mentioned the light source to your left—upper left—which is an excellent feng shui cure for the wealth area. A vibrant plant to your left or a family photo is excellent feng shui for health. A photo of you and your beloved or a couple of crystals can be great feng shui for your love area.
    Sources of Good Energy 

    When looking for specific items to bring the vital energy of creativity to your desk, look first into the typical feng shui good energy cures.

    desk table.jpg

    Good air purifying plants are a must for any workspace! You can choose a beautiful vibrant plant with a stunning pot, for example, in order to maximize its effect on your desk. Crystals are also a very popular feng shui cure, and there are many crystals that are suitable for your office. Various images can be targeted to specific goals, and so can specific items that you have a special connection with.
    Be creative and see what brings you good energy and elevates your spirit. Also be sure to rotate your items from time to time, as well as, of course, do not bring them all at once.