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    Types of Shapes


    There are a variety of shapes of desks that you can use in your office. The type of desk you choose should depend on your budget, your needs, and the size of your office space. If you do not have the room for a large desk, don’t buy one.


    Unfortunately, many people do overestimate the size of their office space and underestimate the size of the desk they are choosing. When your desk comes in, you do not want to shock the delivery man with a look that screams, “When did my desk take steroids!”


    When searching for the right desk for your office you have the following options:


    U-shaped desk

    Center room desk

    Straight desk

    Corner desk

    Benefits of Each Desk


    Now it is time to go over the benefits that each desk offers you. Before you make a quick decision, weigh the pros of each and figure out which desk would be more practical in your office.


    U-Shaped Desk


    The u-shaped desk provides a lot of workroom for you to use. If you plan on having a large workload on a regular basis, this type of desk would be ideal. You can choose to store a lot of items on the counter of the desk.


    One of the downsides to a u-shaped desk is that it takes up quite a bit of room in your office. Make sure you have the space prior to purchasing it.




    Center Desks



    Often, people in the workplace do not choose these desks as the wires connecting your computer and telephone are easily visible.


    A center desk can be moved around the room and placed wherever you want it to go.


    center desk Center desks sit in the middle of the room and take up a large amount of space right through the center of the room, but you are given additional space in front of the desk and behind the desk.



    Straight Desks



    straight deskStraight desks sit along the wall and often anchor to the wall to provide durability. The desk is able to store a large amount of paperwork on top and is convenient because it takes up minimal room in your office.



    L-Shaped Desk



    L-shaped deskThe l-shaped desk is one of the more popular choices and provides you with extended room for storage and your desk items. The desk does take up a lot of room, so be prepared.




    Corner Desk


    corner deskCorner desks help save room and they fit into any corner of an office. They are ideal for home environments or small offices.


    A corner desk is ideal in an office environment where you probably do not have clients coming in to your office. Since you will be facing the wall, it would not be ideal to have a client staring at your back as you talk.


    When choosing a desk for your office, consider your needs and the measurements of the office you plan on putting the desk in.