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    Now that the workstation is a public workplace where you work with your colleagues, you should decorate it carefully so that the decoration can be satisfied you. How to do so? Let’s see it now.

    Step 1: Keep the workstation neat

    If your workstation is messy and your files and paper are placed everywhere, your working efficiency will be very low. Imagine you are working in a messy environment, how you feel? If I were you, I won’t have a mood to do anything.


    Step 2: Add some plants

    You can put a vase on the workstation and add a few flowers into it. If you don’t like flowers you can use other plants. Green plants are good for our tired eyes and it can beautify our working environment.


    Step 3: Leave personal space

    Because you will share the workstation with your colleagues, you should leave personal space for each other. For example, if there are two workers share a workstation, a separate line should be there. Don’t let your things be placed in others’ desk.


    Well, after introducing these three steps to beautify your working environment, let’s learn some accessories of the workstation.

    First, workstation should be consisted of two main parts: computer desk and the office chair. About the computer desk, there are many parts, such as keyboard holder, moving cabinets and computer holders. But how to identify a good office table?


    1. Surface material

    Touch the desk, if it is smooth and flat, it is a good one. On the contrary, it is a bad one. Good material leads to high quality, if your desk are in low quality, it will affect your working efficiency. Choose a durable one.

    2. Size

    How big your office is? Your office desk needs to fit your work area with enough space left to maneuver around. Don’t guess! Measure the width and the depth of your office space before you shop.

    3. Color

    Color should be mentioned here to choose a good workstation or desk. Different color will bring different effect on people’s mood. I like black which I think it brings seriousness and motivate me to work harder.


    What about the office chair?

    As an office worker, chair maybe your close friend because you need sit on it for a long time a day. Its good quality do great impact on your working performance relatively.


    I like mesh chair because I will not feel so hot on it like a leather one. I also like the swivel design. It is more convenient and flexible to other place. What’s more, if your chair has a headrest, you can have a break on it in the afternoon, it can make you a little relax.