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    If your seller have a small living room doesn't mean you need to sale them the unattractive or uncomfortable furniture. We've found some cool yet comfortable and affordable small sofas that are perfect for tight quarters, and many of these sofas convert to a sleeper providing extra dozing room. May these smart sofas enhance the small space.

    Sofa Bed

    Refer to this retro-style convertible sofa bed in a variety of hot colors but keeps the cost down to under $200. But if you don't care for the Elliot, don't skip over just yet. We also offers a wide selection of small-scale sofas, daybeds, and futons that are big on style.


    Love Seat

          This loveseat is only small in size and price. (Several of the colors will cost less than $500.) I have two of these in my living room for our family of four, and we love them. The scale makes them appear larger than they are and the cushiony support and soft, deep seating make them as comfortable as a full-sized sofa. There are also have a full-sized sofa, a sleeper sofa and a variety of other living room furniture in this line.


    Short Sofa

         Not too many places create such amazing furniture for small spaces like IKEA, who has long been recognized as the genius of smartly designed yet frugal furnishings and home decor. Around $300, this convertible sofa bed is super affordable and easily converts into a bed big enough for two. You can choose from a variety of mattresses and covers to create a combination that suits you and your space.