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    New desgin--you deserve to have one!

    Awesome metal legs for table or desk made of high quality steel. They are weld, chemically cleaned and powder painted. All process are fit with professional workers

    LIMITED TIME PROMOTION - -25% from the standard price!

    Those legs are a unique design by HCfurniture - inspired by electrical pillars. Created for modern and industrial interiors.

    In my mind they should be gold, black or made of raw steel with clear finish. Let me know how would You see them.

    In our workshop legs are prepared and shipped within 4-6 working days. It takes 6-10 days for delivery. 

    Your order is packed very carefully in multilayered package to ensure it's safety on the way.

    You can find our picture as below!

    HCfurniture Steel Structure&Steel Leg(with picture).png