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    Once you have decided how you wish to receive your guests, you next need to make your mind up how you want to seat them.

    The choice of guest chair open to you is very wide and varied and visitor seating comes in many forms. These include wood chairs, side chairs, leather chairs, lounge chairs, traditional and contemporary chairs and sofas, so as you can see there’s a lot of choose from.

    You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of guest chair as well as product reviews as follow devoted to guest seating. This should help you to make a better decision about what sort of visitor seating will be most appropriate for you and your business.

    Metal chair.jpg

    The metal guest chair probably accounts for the largest single category of office visitor chair, there is a huge range of models and most office seating manufacturers include this type of chair in their range.

    Just as there are many different models of metal guest seat, so too are there many different qualities.

    Entry level models tend to be very basic black tubular steel legged side chairs with very limited choice of upholstery options.

    Mid to high end metal visitors chairs are much more elegant and stylish with either steel or aluminium frames and a much wider range of finishes. It all depends on your budget and how far you want to go in your choice of guest chair.

    There are several different styles of frame typically used for metal office guest seating and each is quite popular in its own right.
    Four legged frames are very popular, with the most common type being black tubular or square section tube which can look a bit boring.
    On the better quality models of metal visitor seats you will find alternative colors and finishes as well as more interesting designs with curved legs for instance.
    Cantilever frames are a very popular choice for the for metal guest seats and as they are open frames, have a springy feel to them, which often seems to make them more comfortable.
    Sled bases are quite common some are elegant looking, bur a lot of them just look unexciting as the frame seems to overpower the chair due to its bulkiness.

    The main advantage of metal frame guest seats is strength, generally speaking they are a welded construction and this gives them strength and durability.
    Another benefit is the flexibility of metal, particularly aluminium to enable unusual designs to be produced. This gives designers a lot of opportunity to create some great elegant guest and visitor chairs.
    Most metal framed guest chairs are relatively light and so easy to move. You may want to alter the layout of your visitor chairs or maybe the janitor needs to move them to clean or gain access to services.

    Some frame finishes, like polished aluminium for instance can be liable marking and scuffing, but most finishes are pretty durable.
    Occasionally, a poorly welded joint can fail but it’s fairly unusual and generally occurs in cheaper models of metal guest seat.
    More detailed studies of the different types of metal guest chair will be added shortly as well product reviews of some of the most popular models.

    Take a Brief Look at the Guest Metal Chair.jpg