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    As a chair manufacturer,we will try our best to satisfy the users, following aspests will be taken it to consider , including the size, the quality of the chair, and the overall ergonomics of it.

    Adjustment Options

    The basic requirement of chair should fit the users’ hight and support the users’ weight . The height of the chair should be so that both feet evenly hit the ground with the weight of seater evenly distributed.

    An ergonomic chair should have appropriate options to allow users to adjust it. if user find that he or she could not adjust the height of the chair, then the design it is really too bad. It could not be worse that your users begin to have problems as he or she may need to strain to look at the computer screen or may need to bend in awkward positions to write on the desk.The monitor should be at eye level and there is no need to looking up or down. The keyboard should be at arm’s length and not too much tension on user’s forearm.

    Seat of the Chair

    The seat of the chair should not wear down quickly. To test this, sit in the chair for 60 to 90 minutes and then stand up. Does the seat deflate or cause the bottom to hurt? If so, this chair should be checked and upgraded. An ergonomic chair seat will not begin to wear and deflate after using it.

    Lower Back Rest

    All ergonomic chairs should have a lower back rest to help support users’ spine. If the chair does not have a lumbar rest, it should be replaced. The rest is in place to relieve the additional pressure on users’ spine.In addition to having a back rest, the rest should be adjustable to fit users’ body size. If the rest can not be moved, what is the point in having it there? The back of the chair should have a supportive lumbar curve that hugs users’ lower back.图片.png

    Easy Swivel and Movement

    This point not be appropriated to all kinds of chair, but if the chair should be move usually, the easy swviel and movement is required.The chair which have five pedestal base is good to user’s spine . If it is not, the chair will be easy to cause the spine to take on an awkward shape. The five pedestal base helps to move around the room and distributes the weight of person who seated evenly. If the wheels on the base are not functioning properly,it is better not move it and take it to manufatcuer to fix it .In addition to easy to move wheels, the chair should swivel without a struggle.



    Chair arm rests should not be too high. It should not raise the shoulders unless the user are just resting.Armrests could help the users relax and provide the additional support when he or she need to lean back. The armrests on the chair should be adjustable as well. If they are not, there is no reason to have them. Armrests that are too low will cause users’ body to strain and armrests that are too high will wear users’ arms down and create unnecessary pressure on the spine.



    The material of the chair

    We recommend the metal to be used as the material of the chair is the best,

    The main advantage of metal frame guest seats is strength, generally speaking they are a welded construction and this gives them strength and durability.Another benefit is the flexibility of metal, particularly aluminium to enable unusual designs to be produced. This gives designers a lot of opportunity to create some great elegant guest and visitor chairs.

    If you have further comments on our job, welcome to leave comments and let us know your idea on it.