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    Thousands of people are interested in cube shelves primarily because they’re good for storage and are interesting aesthetically.  The thing is there are several types.  This article and gallery sets out the main types of cube bookcases and storage options available.
    Moreover, the term “cube shelving” is a bit of a misnomer, because many varieties aren’t comprised of cubes; instead they’re a series of different shapes including rectangles, octagons and more.
    As with many types of furniture, there isn’t one simple way to classify or organize the different types you can buy.  The same is true with cube shelving units.  Therefore, this article and gallery simply sets out various categories.  There will be overlap.  For example, a 9 cube bookcase may include drawers and so it falls under a cube shelf with drawers.
    Finally, this article uses the terms “shelf”, “bookcase” and “storage” interchangeably.
    Modular Cube Shelf

     modular bookshelves.jpg

    Modular cube shelving is storage that you can customize to a certain degree by buying multiple sections to create a large bank of cube shelving (or keep it smaller with one or two sections).  Different models come in different section sizes so read the product description carefully to determine how many sections you may want.  The modular type can also stack so you can create floor-to-ceiling shelving.

    Wall-Mounted Cube Shelf

    bookcase design.jpg

     The wall-mounted cube shelf is as much decorative as it is functional.  They are floating and create a visually attractive decorative item on the wall.  Some are designed for photos while others are designed to hold small decorative items (such as the one featured above).  Some floating wall-mounted cube shelves are a single unit while others are a series of separate sections that mount separately in a configuration to create a series of floating wall shelves.

    Symmetrical Cube Bookcase

    Symmetrical Cube Bookcase .jpg

    This is a typical symmetric cube shelf where all the sections are the same size.  The benefit of the symmetric style cube storage units is you can buy multiple units to create a large bank of extensive shelving which not only is a great storage feature, it can look fantastic in any room… especially if you have a lot of books to store.

    Asymmetric Cube Shelf

    Asymmetric Cube Shelf.jpg
     The Asymmetric style is very popular because it has a modern appearance which is trendy these days.  The asymmetric cube shelf is simply a series of differently shaped shelving sections… creating a maze look.
    Additional Features to Consider
    1. Drawers:  Some cube shelving units have drawers while others do not.
    2.  Backing/no backing:  As you can see from the cube shelves above, some have a backing and some do not.
    3.  Materials:  Shelves are constructed with various materials including wood, plastic, metal, laminate and glass.
    4.  Adjustable vs. Modular:  Modular cube shelves refer to building and configuring sections into a custom shelving configuration.  You buy the number of cube sections you need to create the shelving unit you desire.  Adjustable, on the other hand, refers to individual shelves that can be adjusted.  Adjustable aren’t very common because the nature of cube shelving is that the cubes are fixed in shape.
    5.  Vertical and Horizontal Options:  Some cube shelves are designed so you can set them either upright vertically or place sideways horizontally.
    6.  Doors:  Some cube storage units include doors to close off some or all the shelves.  While this isn’t typical, they do exist.