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    If you are looking to replace your office chair you need to avoid making for real Halloween mistakes. Because if you get it wrong the ghouls will be with you every minute you sit in your new chair.
    It’s actually very easy to be sucked in by what seems like a great office chair.
    It’s only when you’ve used a chair for an hour or two that its limitations become all too clear.
     When you are shopping in your local office supplies store chances are you may be tempted by the glitzy display of office seating. And when you sit in the sample chair it feels comfortable too. That’s not surprising, when you’ve been wandering around for a while it’s nice to take the weight off your feet, so it likely will feel welcoming.
    In this article we’re going to take a look at 3 key ways of avoiding buying the wrong office chair
    •    Buying a chair with fixed arms
    •    Buying a chair with no tension adjustment
    •    Buying a chair solely on price
    So let’s look at the first problem.
    Don’t buy a chair with fixed arms
    The right arms on an office chair are important. Humans all come in different sizes and it simply isn’t possible to cater for individual preferences with a fixed arm.
    You need to make sure the arms on your chair are height adjustable. That way you can set them so your lower arms are comfortably supported with you shoulders resting naturally.

    Some arms have additional features like being able to move them forwards, backwards or in and out. These arms are often called highly adjustable and the added features can be useful.

    Onto the next rule.

    cool office chairs.jpg

    Don’t buy a chair which lacks tension adjustment
    When you spend all day working in a desk chair it’s only natural that you want to relax and recline every now and then. Many cheap chairs have no way of altering the pressure required as you lean back in them.
    What you get is a preset tension based on the manufacturer’s best guess on what’s right. You might get lucky, however for many it soon becomes a nightmare.
    Light framed people find themselves gripping the chair arms and straining to get the thing to go back. And as soon as you relax the damn thing flips you forward again.
    Heavy built people have the opposite problem. The chair just lurches backward without warning threatening to pitch you on the floor.
    So, make sure any chair you’re thinking of buying let’s you adjust the tilt tension. Some automatically adjust to suit your weight but you won’t find this feature on budget chairs.

    Cool office chair.jpg

    And the last rule.
    Never buy an office chair just because it’s cheap
    More often than not cheap office chairs turn out to be a very poor bargain in the long run. Occasionally there is an opportunity to get a genuine reduction on a quality chair, maybe a discontinued range or ex showroom item. And that’s fine.
    However, what you must avoid is chairs priced around $100 or less. The reason is simple. Chairs like this are made to meet a price point. The only thing on the maker’s mind is how it can cut costs to meet the price. There are a lot of things in a task chair you can’t see and this is where corners get cut.
    Low quality seat foam that goes flatter than a squashed ant after a couple months use.
    Poor quality steel components that quickly wear and become sloppy or break altogether.
    Cheap upholstery that just doesn’t last.
    Buying on price alone truly is a false economy tempting as it may seem.
    So to save yourself from horror chairs:
    •    Fixed arms rarely give good support; make sure you can adjust the height of the arms
    •    Make sure the chair has tension adjustment to let you relax easily when you need to
    •    Don’t buy solely on price; it’s a false economy which you will quickly regret.