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        Office leather sofa is suitable for offices, meeting places, etc. Divided into single seater sofa chairs swivel leather sofa, double sofa, three sofa. There are also special specifications that are tailored to individual needs. Noe, let's see some tips on choosing leather sofa and fabric sofa.

        1.Look at the shape of the office leather sofa. The appearance of the sofa should be full of symmetry, the size of the appropriate size, fabric no obvious color difference, there are bars, flowers and other patterns of fabric patterns should be symmetrical.


        2.Check the structural strength of the sofa. If you want your sofa just a decoration in your office, Purchase the softer one. Otherwise, choose a harder one. It depends on your choice.


        3.Ask yourself, which color do you like best. Color can inflect your mood and also effect your feeling. I like cold tone color, like balck which can make me calm toward my daily work.


        Which one do you prefer? Leather sofa or fabric sofa? Welcome to discuss it with me. I am here to wait for your coming.