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    Storage Needs

    First, you’ll need to take into account the type of items that will be stored. For lightweight office equipment such as pens, toner cartridges or post-it notes, a simple laminate storage cabinet alone is usually sufficient.

    If you store heavier supplies such as reams of paper or water bottles for office water cooler, a heavy-duty steel storage cabinet will better meet your needs. Bosss cabinet is one of the best office furniture manufacturers who offer high-quality storage cabinets for all your custom requirements.


    Safety & Security

    Wall storage cabinets help to keep seldom required or extra office supplies out of your way. They are easily accessible and the products that you store on or in them remain safe.

    If the items to be stored are of higher value, such as computers and peripheral equipment, at Bosss cabinet, you’ll be well served to pick a cabinet with a locking mechanisfor security.


    Plan where to keep your storage cabinet. If it’s going into an area of the supply chamber or store room, you can probably ignore the look and select a basic metal storage cabinet.

    However, if the cabinet will be placed in high traffic public area, you might consider a more aesthetically pleasing wood-grain laminate for lightweight loads, or a premium solid wood cabinet for heavier supplies. Both laminate and solid wood cabinets have a much more attractive and welcoming look than

    ainted steel cabinets.


    Usage Frequency

    Another factor to take into consider is how often will you be retrieving supplies from your storage cabinet. If constant access is important, and you just need to store basic office supplies, you may not need a storage cabinet at all, but an open shelving unit. Cabinets with doors keep stored items clean but also out-of-sight. Open shelving is useful for large bulky items and items on open shelves are easy to see. While you give up the security of a closed cabinet with open shelves, the ease of access to frequently needed items may make open shelves a better choice. Another advantage of open shelving is its affordability – open shelving is generally much lower priced than a locked storage cabinet of similar size.


    There are many types of storage cabinets available. For offices that need plenty of storage space, filing cabinets are a must. You need to make a list of all the things that would be stored in the office and decide how to store each item type. Office storage systems should be purchased only after the preparation of a good layout / distribution plan of office area. However, choose the one that best suits your office requirements and space.


    Cabinets for office and their accessories are essential for a workplace as each of them have their own purpose. Cabinets are one of the most vital cogs of an office environment which are used for the filing and storage purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose cabinets which suit your requirements and complement the decor and office theme as well. Usually when you search in the market, you would find two types of cabinets that offer vertical column storage or horizontal shelving units. Each of these has its own unique selling points and can be used for specific storing. lastly, before buying any cabinet you have to consider the available space in the office.

    Let's talk about build quality. Storage units come in a vast array of designs and finishes that are widely available. Office units that are most popular and readily purchased are steel cabinets. They are made from high quality durable materials and are programmed for heavy wear and tear. However, you can also opt for the wooden cabinets but these are not preferred choice as people usually go for steel units.

    File cabinets usually have an open shelving format which helps keep files more organized and in less space also much more accessible to people so they can find and access what they need quickly. Vertical designs of open filing shelves take up sixty percent less space when compared to lateral cabinets, and has shelves that are completely adjustable for your convenience.

    Mobile shelving like sideboards are other solutions for storing your files, boxes, and office supplies in minute spaces. Mobile shelving take up much less space reducing floor space by up to seventy percent compared to traditional filing cabinets, and can be used with new or existing shelving units to save on costs.