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    If you work in an office cubicle, chances are you’ll soon get tired of sitting in a boring, gray box for a long time ,day after day. You might even feel happier and more productive if you give your cubicle a bit of personalized touch to make it feel more homey. You can put a little decoration into your workplace by the following simple guide.


    Part 1: Reorganizing Your Place

    Empty your drawers and cabinets. 

    This first step is essential to "de-cluttering" your cubicle. You should get rid of anything that serves no functional or aesthetic purpose. Once this is done, you can reorganize the items you've chosen to keep so that they are easy to find.

    1. You may find it helpful to assign certain drawers, shelves, or cabinets to certain categories of materials. This will keep things neat and facilitate easy access to essential items.

    2. You will probably have to make a temporary mess in order to go through the process, especially if your reorganization spans multiple days.


    Purchase desk organizer and materials

    The best way to keep your desk neat is to keep various categories of items separated. Your workspace will quickly descend into disarray if you have to dig through a pile or stack to find things you need. Desk organizers can be purchased at any office supply store (such as Office Depot, Staples, or The Container Store) and are handy tools for making sure this doesn't happen. Examples include:

    1. Drawers trays or dividers. These create separated containers within desk drawers to keep small, loose items from moving around or becoming jumbled together.

    2. Stacked inbox sorters. These are small desktop shelves which can be assigned categories for different types of ingoing or outgoing paperwork.

    3. Pen or pencil cups. This simple device simply holds your pens and pencils and provides easy access to them. They take up minimal desk space and save valuable real estate in desk drawers.


    Get a small bookshelf or cabinet.

     If you deal with a lot of files, forms, or other paperwork that must be stored and referenced as part of your job, you will find it immensely helpful to have all your papers organized onto a bookshelf or in a filing cabinet. Nothing creates more clutter than papers scattered across a desktop. At least, the smaller the cabinet is, the neater the desk is.


    Part 2: Decorating with personal items

    Hang personal photographs. 

    This simple touch is one of the most effective ways to give your cubicle a custom feel. So long as photos are workplace-appropriate (meaning not offensive to your coworkers) and not excessive in number, you can feel free to put up photos of whatever or whomever you'd like.


    Buy a themed calendar. 

    Choose a calendar with a theme you enjoy. This is a great way to incorporate aesthetics into a cubicle accessory you probably need to have anyway. As with photos and wall art, this can be anything that appeals to you, so long as it is workplace-appropriate.



    Set a personalized desktop background on your computer. 

    This is another clever way to put your personal touch on something that's already present in your cubicle. Your desktop background theme can be anything that appeals to you (photos, art, landscapes, etc.) and livens up your workspace.


    To be honest, if the cubicle can be decorated in this way, I’m sure that your working efficiency can be raised up. And if the method is work, do it now! And if you are a boss and you don’t allow your employees to decorate their cubicle in the above way, try to purchase a nice cubicle for them to let them work more efficiently. I will show you some cubicles I like in the following pictures.