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    Is your desk a mess?

    Do you return to more clutter than you remember leaving in the first place?

    Don’t let your messy workplace impede your ability to get your work done.

    Cleaniess means productivity.Despite the excuses that some will give, piles are not or organization. And a messy workspace isn’t conducive to being productive.When inspiration or motivation hits, you don’t want to be searching for space to set down your important work or fighting back the flood of stuff on your desk.

    We all get busy at the office, so it can be easy to let our workspaces go and for mess to build up over time. A cluttered and dirty desk can negatively affect productivity and employee happiness, so do yourself a favor and take our tips for cleaning your workspace and keeping it clean for good.


        Now that we have known the importance of the workstation cleaning. Let's follow some tips to keep it clean.

        Throw Away What You Don't Need

        For the packrats out there, this can be a tough concept to accept and implement. But if you have paperwork and old stacks of used post-its lying around, do yourself a favor and throw them out. All those stacks upon stacks of stuff are doing is adding more mess to your space, and that's the last thing you need when you're trying to work.

         Get Rid of Clutter

         Speaking of clutter,get rid of it! Not only should you eliminate the trash at your desk, but you should also do your best to clear off any unnecessary office supplies and other materials that you aren't using on a regular basis. Keeping a clear desk surface will help you keep a clear mind.


        Designate a Space for Personal Items

       Although you should keep your desk as clear as possible, it's also important to keep personal items such as family photos nearby as a source of inspiration. We recommend keeping all personal items to one or two designated areas at your workstation, depending on how large your desk is. At NBF, every employee is equipped with an inward facing bookshelf that's perfect for displaying personal items while maintaining a clean look.

        Save Meals for the Breakroom

        Although it may be tempting to snack away at your desk, crumbs and drinks can be easily spilled over important files and computers. Keep mess to a minimum by only eating in your company's breaking room.While coffee and water is a must-have for many to keep at their workspace, just be careful to keep drinks away from electronics and paperwork.


        Stop Mess Before it Starts

        The best way to keep a clean and organized workspace is to not let it get messy in the first place. Think that's easier said than done? The best way to accomplish this is by making cleaning and organizing part of your everyday routine. Organize the important paperwork and throw away the things you don't need every single day. You don't need to wipe down and sanitize your desk on a daily basis, but try doing so once a week or even once every other week until you can make the action a habit.


        Disinfect and Sanitize

        Now comes the actual cleaning part. There are all kinds of disinfecting agents that effectively help stop and prevent the spread of germs. Try using disinfecting wipes across your workstation once a week if you can. It doesn’t take long, and it can make a huge difference in stopping the spread of germs that can get you sick. Don’t forget to clean out your desk drawers and keyboard too!

        If you have better ideas, just share with us!


        Many people may say that they have a group of workers to help them to clean the office.

        But! The commercial cleaning services often do not clean keyboards or phones, unless specifically requested by the customer. When requesting these services, customers should verify that the proper cleaning products will be used. Electrical equipment should not be cleaned with a polish or general cleaner. If the wrong product is used, a component may be damaged or rendered unusable, costing the company additional money.


        Just because an area is unseen to the casual observer does not mean it is clean. The drawers of employee workstations can hold some very interesting items. Many employees store food in their drawers, which can lead to insect or rodent infestations. Cleaning products should be used to wipe down drawers that have accumulated dust, dirt, or other residue. Paperwork should be kept off the desktop and stored in files and folders within these drawers.

        The boss should encourage employees to recycle while cleaning their workspace makes a positive environmental impact. Workers should have bins for paper, bottles, and cans under their desk and empty these into office recycling bins each day. Employees who internalize these good habits practice them when in common areas like restrooms, conference rooms, and office dining spaces.